A conversation about juicing, smoothies and whole fruit

This week a new page called Health Check was launched on the incredibly popular The Conversation site. What I like about the articles there is the emphasis on evidence and research. These journalists check their facts and all bias is declared at the beginning of the articles. This week’s article compared appetite levels and amounts eaten after consuming whole fruit compared to juiced fruit (made in a juicer). The most interesting finding was that participants who had the juice ate a lot more than those who had the whole pieces of fruit before their meal. The author of the Health Check article, Tim Crowe, made some comments about how juicing basically took much of the fibre and nutrients out of the fruit, so wasn’t as healthy as eating the whole fruit, and additionally didn’t lessen the appetite. I would have liked to see the topic broaden to include the now very common (and delicious!) SMOOTHIE. How does it compare to eating the whole fruit and to drinking juice?


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Pretty well, as it turns out. An article published in Nutrition Bulletin, titled Smoothies: One Portion or Two? looked at all three – whole fruit, juice, and smoothies. The concerns raised about juice – that it leads to higher sugar consumption, containes less fibre that fruit, isn’t good for your teeth, and isn’t satiating – do not hold true for smoothies. They contain more energy, carbohydrates, fibre and vitamin C than juice, and the sugar content is exactly the same as if you’d eaten the whole fruit. They do no more harm to your teeth than fruit does, and because they are high in fibre (especially pectin) they are more satiating than juice. Pack in a few extras (think chia seeds, maca powder, cinnamon, LSA, flax seed oil…) and you’ve got breakfast ready! This morning I had this simple but delightful blend…

Goji Citrus Twist

2 teaspoons of dried Goji berries

2 mandarins

1 banana cut into chunks and frozen

1 teaspoon of chia seeds

3/4 of a cup of water

Blend all thoroughly in a high speed blender.

And just to finish today’s post, I’ve got some fabulous links to share. Another way to get your whole fruit in a sneaky and delicious way is raw treats. Tried them? Tried making them? I’ve had two huge successes this week with these beauties. They are both from Lorna Jane’s MoveNourishBelieve website. One can be found tucked into the Move Over Sugar free ebook, it’s the Peanut Butter Choc Fudge on page 36. YUM! The other is the Raw Choc Jelly Cake – this contains a banana and 400 grams of strawberries and still manages to taste like the naughtiest cake you’ve ever had (without a single naughty ingredient!).




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