So does processed meat cause bowel cancer?

The latest Health Check article from The Conversation has once again caused a storm in the comments section with meat lovers arguing against vegetarians, famous names wading into the debate, and tempers flaring on all sides. The thing that really strikes me is how much more convincing the comments that are backed up with evidence are. The original article was very well written I thought, with the aim of making the public aware of evidence backing up the theory that processed meat is correlated with higher incidence of bowel cancer. So interesting to see the irrelevant arguments of those not willing to give it up – they tend to see it as just another ‘naughty but nice’ indulgence that may or may not end up having negative health consequences. Kind of like a reverse lottery – there’s a fair chance that you won’t end up with cancer, but also a chance that you will. So difficult for many people to find meaning in that connection between behaviour (e.g. eating processed meat) and health consequences down the track (increased risk of getting bowel cancer). This is the human psychology…



No, there won’t be a processed meat recipe! Now, for something completely different…


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