Free Fitness

There are so many excuses that are a barrier to eating healthy food or exercising regularly. The one that has caused me some problems in past is not the I’m-too-lazy, or the I-don’t-have-time, it was actually the I-can’t-afford-it. Having just spent my savings on buying a city apartment, and all the bills that come with owning a property, I felt like there was no money left for personal training, a gym membership or workout clothes. Do you really need money to exercise and eat properly? No! There’s all the beautiful outdoor parks, paths and equipment our local councils have provided, plenty of sunshine, and no that it’s nearing summer, longer daylight hours to get out and be active. These are all good things. But it gets better. Recently I discovered that there are so many FREE classes going on (at least in the city) that anyone can join. This is awesome – organised classes run by fitness professionals are incredibly motivating. I signed up for a whole bunch of them! Love freebies ; )

So this is what I’ve found:

1. HBF outdoor fitness – free for members, 3 times a week for an hour each session, 3 levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced), lots of locations across Perth.


2. City of Perth – free weekly Tai Chi, Yoga and Zumba.


3. Lululemon community events – Yoga and fitness training.


4. Parkrun – a group of volunteers who put on an event once a week that involves a timed but non-competitive 5km run followed by a cafe recovery!



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