About us

Time for some introductions! This blog is a collaboration (and a celebration!) of two sisters. One was blessed with a talent for cooking – this is Kath. She can cook any style and is currently working as a vegetarian cook, enjoying Sri Lankan curries with her boyfriend, and creating wonderful rejuvenating meals for Dad who is recovering from chemotherapy. She is also a studying for a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition) at Endeavour College of Natural Health, and in her spare time loves working out and of course creating original recipes!


The other sister, Renee, is a librarian at the largest natural health library in the southern hemisphere. At her fingertips, she has access to a massive range of health and nutrition resources, including peer-reviewed journals and the textbooks that nutritionists and naturopaths train with. She loves to research and write and has been blogging for about 10 years! She’s broadened her palate by travelling the world and trying everything at least once, but now will settle for only the best and freshest food going. She is also probably the fittest librarian you know and has recently discovered a passion for fun runs.


We hope your enjoy our blog and recipes!


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